What does justice means to you? Celebrate the AJC’s 10th Anniversary and join the AJC photo challenge!

Aug 31, 2016

To celebrate the AJC’s 10th anniversary, we would like to invite you to share your favorite representation of justice.

Across Canada, justice is represented by various statues, locations, items, images and architecture. Justice is represented by the statue of Nellie McClung and the “Famous Five” in front of the Manitoba Legislator, to the architecture of the Supreme Court of Canada, to the Tower of Freedom Underground Railroad Monument in Windsor, to the Relocation Monuments in Nunavut or a judge gavel or prosecutors robes.

Share what justice means to you and participate today to win a:
1.FitBit One
2.$50 Tim Hortons Gift card
3.$25 Tim Hortons Gift card

Make sure you submit your photo to admin@ajc-ajj.ca before September 2, 2016.

Rules: The submitted photos must have been taken by a Regular or Associate Member in Good Standing of the AJC. Resolution should be at least 300 Pixels per inch and in a .jpg format. A selection panel comprised of the Director of Communications and the Executive will shortlist 10 entries for Governing Council to vote on. By participating in this contest, participants grant the AJC an unfettered right to use, publish or disseminate their submitted photos through electronic or printed means.