A message from the out-going President Len MacKay: “Together, let’s keep the momentum going”

May 27, 2016

I started my term as president with the message “Together, let’s keep the momentum going” and over the two-years of my mandate, we have certainly achieved this.

We have stood together to take a stand against different anti-union bills that looked to weaken us and our fellow unions. We actively took part in coalitions and as co-signers to numerous letters denouncing these government policies. We have strengthened the AJC, taken actions when they were needed, and stood up for our members with grievances and legal actions.

As the election loomed over us, we supported our colleague’s rights to fully participate and we will continue to pursue these rights for our membership. As I have said previously, political participation is a right and we as crown counsel and public prosecutors should not be unreasonably hindered in exercising our democratic rights.

I had hoped to present our members with a new collective agreement, however, that will not be happening under my term. The AJC will continue to meet with TB and continue to negotiate the best collective agreement possible under the mandate the government has been given. I remain very committed to the negotiation team and I plan to stay until this agreement gets ratified.

As I am not one for a long goodbye, I will simply conclude by thanking all our members for providing me with the privilege to serve you as president. I also wish to thank the members of the Governing Council and Executive Committee, as well as our crack staff, who work diligently to fulfill the AJC mandate.

I leave you in the good hands of the new President Ursula Hendel and the new Governing Council and Executive Committee. I know that together, they will keep the momentum going.

Have a good one folks,

Len MacKay

AJC Past President